Security D Training : -

Quantum Training will provide you with experienced and qualified trainers who will be the most currext. Security training programme will endevor to teach and equipe you with the skills and confidence you need to success in the security industry.

Our trainers and experinced, retired, law enforcement and military officers who will impart their practical knowledge and skills

Security G Training : -

Qualification is not training, As a security professional, having a security G licence and being employed as an arm Guard/ protection agent. Its more than carrying a firearm.

The situation may arise when your life depends on your knowledge and shooter services.

We Emphasize on :

  1. Speed
  2. Safety
  3. Firearm malfunction
  4. Speed reload
  5. tactical reload
  6. feed way clearance : And many other services and skills

Requalification Classes : -

As required by the state of florida we provide 4 hours clasess for security D and C license

Combo Classes : -

Combo Classes are provided for students who needs both D & C license with extra hours added daily to achieve the required hours by the state of Florida

Conceal Weapon Training : -

You will be provided with training in 1-safety
5-Carrying and shooting of your firearm
the Florida state laws of Dos and Don’ts of having a concealed weapon

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