Private & Executive Protection Services

Protection, Risk Management & Investigation Services with Confidence & Pride

Private & Executive Protection Services

Chameleon Security Group provides a full range of executive and estate protection services for clients ranging from the corporate executive and the sports worlds to the entertainment elite. Our highly trained and experienced teams operate under a strict code of conduct while maintaining complete client confidentiality. ​The term executive refers to specific security measures and planning taken to ensure the preservation of the dignity and safety of VIPs, dignitaries, politician’s athletes or other individuals who may be exposed to elevated personal risk because of employment, celebrity status, wealth, associations, affiliations or geographical location and therefore peace of mind and confidence is a paramount factor.

It also incorporates the individual who just wants to go about their daily lives and business without the fear or thought of being harmed by anyone or just being harassed by the press and in so doing takes a proactive approach.

Chameleon Security will provide such services with the most covert and defensive means to give our clients assurance and satisfaction as your security is our business. Confidence and peace of mind is a paramount factor in daily lives and activities.

Jewelry Security Escort

With armed gangs and criminal organizations becoming more sophisticated and cunning in their ways, jewelry escort services is a special service that we do in providing armed officers who are trained and alert in transporting jewelry, diamonds and precious gems & stones for individuals and organizations, who can then rest and assured that their products will be safe and secure (between destinations) against these criminal gangs and organizations. This is done through proper planning and execution of a strategy along with vigilance and alertness of our officers who are experience, dedicated to positive outcomes and embrace the organization’s mantra of every job with confidence and pride.

ATM Security Escort

When being escorted by a Chameleon Security Guard, ATM Service Technicians work with all the assurance and confidence that they are safe and their environment is protected. Our officers are trained above the average security personnel to deliver that kind of service to clients in order for them to have their systems to operate unhindered and safe. ATM Service Technicians work is a confident and secure environment with Chameleon Security uniformed and armed officers who communicate directly to our emergency center which connects to local Police Departments.


Chameleon Security Group Security is skilled at providing our clients security, peace of mind, and privacy. Our clients are able to sit back and “leave the headaches” to our experienced teams. Our Security Officers can also travel the world with our valued clients as they posses international travel documents for the United States, Great Britain, European Union and among Caricom countries this allows them to travel un-hindered with their clients.

Chameleon Security Group provides our clients with traveling security services nationally and internationally. Our services include:

Accompanying clients on their private jets.
Traveling with our clients on domestic and International airlines as we provide security with confidence and pride.

Whether it’s a business meeting, a luncheon date or a dinner engagement, Chameleon Security Group can get you to your destination hassle free and with the transportation of your choice. Chevy Suburban, Cadillac, Escalade, Limousine or a Town car, we will have it so just leave the planning to us as your security is our business.

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