Concealed Weapons Classes

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Concealed Weapons Classes

Our Concealed Weapon Permit CWP/CCW course is taught by NRA Certified Instructors and cover the basic handling and safety rules needed for you to get certified in basic firearm safety and basic knowledge needed to own a pistol or revolver. This course is conducted in three major segments.

The first segment will cover the different safety rules: how to properly store, maintain, and
carrying for your firearm. This segment also covers how to educate kids about guns.

The second segment will focus on the rules and laws related on caring a firearm for your personal protection. The third part will include a shooting qualification based not only on accurate shooting, but more on the safe handling of a firearm when loading, unloading and firing it.

At the completion of your course, our instructor will provide you with an application package and will guide you on how to properly submit your application to Tallahassee.

UPCOMING CLASS  Please Check Back for 2015  Schedule 

  • NOVEMBER 23, 2013
  • DECEMBER 12, 2013
  • JANUARY 18, 2014
  • FEBRUARY 8, 2014

Class Times: 12pm-5pm includes rage time
Price: $80 per person

Class Location: 3200  S Congress Ave  #104  Boynton Beach Fl 33426

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